About the museum

The Memorial House-Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva in Bolshevo

The Memorial House-Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva in Bolshevo was opened on September 19, 1992, in the year of poet’s centenary. Since 2017, the museum has been a department of the Museum Association "Museums of the Korolev Science City".

The display is held at a dacha built by the “Eksportles” organization in 1933 at the address: Bolshevo station, New Life settlement, 4/33 Sverdlov Street. Since 1938, the dacha was placed at the disposal of the NKVD. In the same year, Marina Tsvetaeva's husband, Sergei Yakovlevich Efron, received half of the house for his use. Here on June 19, 1939, Marina Ivanovna arrived with her son Georgy (family nickname- Mur) from France.

In a letter to Anna Teskova dated May 31, 1939, Tsvetaeva writes about Bolshevo, the village to which she and her son are going: “The only thing I know about it is that there are pine trees”. 

The Bolshevo House is the last place where the members of the poet's family met and lived together. Here, on July 21, Marina Tsvetaeva began work on translations of poems by M. Lermontov into French. They compiled the famous "Bolshevo Notebook". The tragic period in the life of the family, which led to parting forever, also related to Bolshevo.

"About Mur and me: on November 8, 1939, we left Bolshevo - forever"

Marina Tsvetaeva in a letter to Ariadna Efron on March 22, 1941

The only Marina Tsvetaeva’s Museum in the Moscow Region stores, and studies unique items related to the life and work of the poet, family members, environment, era. Bolshevo Memories participate in the most prestigious exhibition and publishing projects. Museum visitors constantly note the professional level of guides. The authority of the museum abroad is high.

Annual events

  • June 19 – The day of Tsvetaeva’s arrival to Bolshevo. Poetic project “My Tsvetaeva”
  • Last Saturday of July – “Annual musical event at Bolshevo celebrating Marina Tsvetaeva’s name day”
  • August 31 – “A Candle in the Garden” event in a natal day of the great Russian poet Marina Tsvetaeva
  • Third Saturday of September – Annual Tsvetaeva’s Bonfire celebrating The Memorial House-Museum’s birthday (in 2022 the Museum turns 30 years)


Address: Moscow region, Korolev urban district, 15 Marina Tsvetaeva str.

Phone: +7 (495) 519 99 48, e-mail: musmcb@mail.ru

Getting here: from Moscow by suburban train from the Yaroslavsky railway station to Bolshevo station (trains of the Moninskoye direction: to Monino, Bolshevo, Schelkovo, Fryazevo). From Bolshevo station take the exit on the right side along the train "from Moscow". Marina Tsvetaeva Street begins closer to the front edge of the platform and runs parallel to the railway line. Moving straight along this street, in 5-7 minutes you will reach the museum.

By bus: bus № 392 from VDNKh metro station to “Stantsiya Bolshevo” bus stop.