Homeland and foreign land of Marina Tsvetaeva Bolshevo

Изображение подписи Цветаевой

“Motherland is not a convention of territory,
but the cogence
of memory and blood”

M. Tsvetaeva, from
the “Own Ways” questionnaire

The physical embodiment of the poetic spirit on earth – the Poet – is alive if generations of people, one after another, will read, rewrite, learn by heart, pronounce aloud or at heart his works. Places of residence, time spent in them, existence, and non-existence – everything is a convention to the Poet Marina Tsvetaeva. In her opinion, the Poet is “for every century”, the Poet is “dead today, tomorrow is alive”, “poetic eclipses are not foreseen by the calendar” ...

Poetry lover always wants to be in the place where the Poet lived, walk over the same stones, approach the same house, and see what pleased and inspired Marina Tsvetaeva. Museums named after her carefully store her personal belongings, manuscripts, autographs. The fire of her "unlimited" soul, the energy of her creative heritage excites and inspires readers – our contemporaries. The poetic Tsvetaeva’s bonfires manifest this.

We invite you on a journey to the places of Marina Tsvetaeva’s soul, and therefore her work.

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The Memorial House-Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva in Bolshevo was opened on September 19, 1992, in the year of poet’s centenary. Since 2017, the museum has been a department of the Museum Association "Museums of the Korolev Science City". The only Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva in the Moscow Region stores, and studies unique items related to the poet’s life and work, family members, environment, era.

Tsvetaeva came to Bolshevo from France in 1939 with her son Georgy. About the village to which she was to go, Marina Ivanovna wrote: “The only thing I know about it is that there are pine trees”.  The Bolshevo House is the last place where the members of the poet's family lived together.

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The museum fund began to form in 1992. Most of the items were donated to the museum. The first donor was Nikolai Alekseevich Seseman. The main fund-creators: Olga Trukhacheva, Lev Mnukhin, Anna Saakyants, Ruth Walbe, Elena Korkina, representatives of the Klepinins family, Veronika Losskaya, Marie Artemoff-Testa, Lukasz Babka. At present there are 7371 storage units in the museum funds. The main fund consists of personal belongings of Marina Tsvetaeva, her family members, famous figures of the era. The Bolshevo Memories arouse constant interest from the organizers of the most prestigious exhibition projects.

Items on Panorama
Items on Panorama